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Aug 27, 2009
Tranny videos

tranny videos

It's a great feeling when you visit a site to get really pleasantly surprised by it and that's how I felt when I vistited TrannyPerverts and you'll probably feel the same if you like t-girl action and decide to check it out.

The XXX hardcore action is terrific but fantastic quality is the name of the game at this site so the vids are all high definition and when you watch them widescreen at 1280x720 they take your breath away.

Another thing about this site is that the sex is between real life lovers which makes it very different and very exciting because nobody has to perform but simply do when they do a few times a day anyway.

And if you think that shemale sites are just for gays then go take a look at TrannyPerverts and perhaps be astonished at just how good a chick with a dick can look.

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Aug 27, 2009
Asian ladyboy

asian ladyboy

In A Nutshell

You're likely to do a double take when you see ladyboy Areeya because you'd swear she's a woman until you see what's between her legs!

What's Inside

AreeyasWorld is the home of very hot and very exotic ladyboy from Thailand and the quality of the content is as good as it gets meaning that it's high definition and the connection speeds are very fast!

You may have noticed that on the tour pages that there are no pictures of Areeya completely naked and I found it a little strange and couldn't imagine a top flight shemale site that didn't show the star in all her glory. Well rest assured that you do get to see the total package once you're inside.

Immediately after logging in you get taken to a page which shows the photo and video updates and there's also a column down the left-hand side which at the time of my visit was asking "would you like to see more of my ladyboy friends?" and the members had answered the question, 86% 'yes' and 14% 'no'.

Other links on the page were to 'My Diary' - 'DJ Areeya" - 'Wallpapers' and 'My Favorite Sites'. There are no prizes for guessing what you see when you hit the 'My Diary' link but you might be more than a little surprised and also learn a lot about the life of a transvestite if you read some of it.

Clicking on either 'DJ Areeya" or 'Wallpapers' takes you to a page which is divided into two parts with one side letting you download Areeya's music mixes and the other one offering some very nice and very hot looking wallpapers and there was also a 'Coming Soon' note next to a webcam link.

'My Favorite Sites' shows all the other sites on the network and they're available at a discounted price.

The 'About Me' page has a large picture of Areeya showing her vital statistics and a questionnaire with her answers to things like 'what do you most like to eat?' and you get know brownie points for guessing what the answer to that one is.

The 'My Photos' page has dated thumbnail links to all the picture sets and after you click on one of them you get taken to the photo-set and also get the chance to watch a matching video. The photos are HQ, and like Areeya, they look fantastic and they range in size from 1024 to 1500 pixels. Areeya lives in Thailand and many of the pictures and vids were shot at local locations such as on the beach, on boats, in various other tropical outdoor settings and all around her house.

'My Videos' shows the 'Next Update' the 'Last Update' and there are clickable thumbs to all the videos on the site. Once you click on a thumb you get the choice of streaming, or downloading the vids and you can also chose to download an entire video or to do it in four separate parts.

The content on the site is all exclusive but somewhat sadly, the videos are DRM protected and there is a there is a daily download limit of 3 GB.

Since you can stream the vids however I'd suggest doing that if you ever get close to the 3GB download limit.


There are a fair number of tranny sites on the web and most of them are good to very good but very few are excellent and AreeyasWorld certainly ranks up there with the best of them. Areeya looks incredible and both the videos and the pictures are high definition and are well shot and the owners of the site say that "she's the hottest ladybird on the planet" and they might well be right. She has a great female body with the exception of a cock that's most likely much bigger than yours and she's more than proud to show every inch of it and her diary is mind expanding.

Areeyas World

Aug 25, 2009
Crossdress porn

crossdress porn

JackOffLingerie is a very different kind of cross-dresser site, and it doesn't matter whether you're gay, bisexual or straight, you should love it, because it's a whole lot of fun as well as being very sexy.

Another thing that sets the site apart from all the others in the niche is the guys that star on it. You're probably wondering what could be so different, right. Well what's different and very interesting too, is that nearly all the guys on the site are very masculine, and they don't look one bit like pretty young girls.

The content on the site is mostly jacking off, but there's a lot of hardcore material too, and much of that features threesomes, with one guy getting fucked in the ass while sucking another one's exploding cock.

The transformation scenes are more interesting that they are on lots of other sites too, because you start off with a macho looking guy that slowly turns into a woman, which is a whole lot harder than a young effeminate guy that already looks like a girl doing the same thing.

To see them slowly and expertly put on their makeup, and then put on stockings and beautiful frocks and dresses is a real thrill, and lots of guys think the final result is more exciting than a woman.

Both the vids and pics are high quality, exclusive and fully downloadable, and there's enough content already to keep even the most demanding member happy, plus updates are getting made on a regular basis.

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