Jacksonville Community Center for the Deaf

About us

What is JCCD?

JCCD is the Center for general information on the Deaf and referrals for the public and Visibility of the Deaf community at events, council workshops, meetings, and others.

President: Deloris Summers 

Vice President: Lori Brennan 

Secretary: Dawn Knous 

Treasurer: John Brennan 

Auditor: Greg Lowry 


Board Members: 

Jean Brown 

Tara Cook 

Raymond Higuet 

Janet Pyers 

JCCD Offers

- Members' activities
- Social Community Activities
- Information Resource & Referral
- CART Referral Service
- Advocacy Resources in 

  association with Community

- Resource Agreement

- Sign Language Books

- ITAC information Resource
- Harris, Inc Distribution Center
- Rent Hall